2 Far South drop new single and video for “Out Of Time” where classic rock meets contemporary grunge

2 Far South’s loud chorus, soft verse compositions may have worked for them in the past, but it seems now they’re modifying their writing style on new single “Out Of Time” in favour of a more pop-rock, contemporary sound.

The track isn’t exactly that of a grunge revivalist, but after a listen or two you’ll see that it does adapt a genre and fit it into today’s complex musical world. Still it’s certainly not shy of a little ’90s influence either, with lead singer Pete Pote’s (formerly a member of acclaimed international act Evolver One), vocals recalling those of SA legend Arno Carstens. In fact the track sways towards a kind of Nude Girls/Just Jinger sound all the way through, where new meets classic, and time stands still.

Looking at life’s distractions and asking, what’s so special about the future and the past when all we have is now, the single comes with a pretty stark video too, of the band in their studio giving a believable performance, even if the gimmicky 3D overlays do detract from it. Granted, it’s no revelation, but where musicality and depth are concerned, 2 Far South are right on the money.