Benny Afroe teams up with Ami Faku on “This Feeling”, taking us back to the sound of a ’90’s romance

Benny Afroe brings us his latest collaboration, “This Feeling, with SA’s up-and-coming voice of Afro-Soul, Ami Faku. Together, the two emulate an undeniable musical chemistry along with a romantic video to match – and we’re swooning in every direction. 

It’s a pretty seductive number, with a distinctive nostalgic R&B ambiance that transports you back in time – straight to a kind of early 2000’s love song. It’s just plain sweet, with Ami’s cotton-cloud vocals literally floating above the lush guitar, asking us to reach up and grab for her. 

In fact, I would never have imagined that Ami’s crystal voice, made famous on Season 2 of The Voice SA, could fit a song as easy-going as this one. Yet Benny moulds her sound perfectly, with just the right amount of instrumental groove to keep his own spirit in there too. 

The video, directed by Nicom Vuza, is as vivid in VCR colours as the song is in sound: following on in old-school visual style with scenes that remind you exactly of a TV teenage love affair. Add the terrible 90’s wallpapers, disco shades and retro lamp fittings, and we’re here for all of it.