Drill trap newbie Cozmik’s first self-produced EP, War Ready, is an anarchic anthem

18-year-old Cape Town-based hip hop artist, Cozmik has just released his first ever, self-produced New York-inspired drill trap EP, titled War Ready. 

He has jumped into the ring with sonic guns blazing, boasting cameos on Channel O, Mtv Base and TraceAfrica. Furthermore, in 2019 his single “Uthando” debuted on SA’s Top 100 World Music Chart on iTunes and before the world tweaked out this year, Cozmik also featured on Red Bull Energy Drink’s popular social media platform titled #Swift16.

War Ready is a two-track project inspired by the dark, gritty sounds of New York drill trap threaded together with Cozmik’s interpretation. “Fast-paced and aggressive, I wanted to make the listener feel the adrenaline, I was focused on making music that moves,” says Cozmik.

Both tracks are loud and combative and speak to an unrelenting frustration borne from trying to deal with an overwhelming amount of socio-political noise that has largely become the next generation’s ‘mood standard’.

But Cozmik is primed to riot and War Ready is the soundtrack he’ll be rampaging to.