Embark on a laid-back musical road trip around SA in Nathan Ro’s solo album “African Grey”

Nathan Ro, who entered the South African music scene as a contestant on Project Fame and then went on to form the band Lonehill Estate and musical super group Swing City, has released his brand-new solo album “African Grey”.

A whimsical acoustic folk offering with a sound that is reminiscent of the Beach Boys, the 7-track album takes the listener on a laid-back road trip through South Africa as Ro sings about Joburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth. Recorded in his bedroom during the lockdown, “African Grey” is characterised by its ubiquitous ’60s pop-folk influences, simple melodies and light-hearted lyrics which are tied together by Ro’s effortlessly smooth, easy-going vocals.

The album is undeniably upbeat and fun, yet it unfolds at a relaxed pace, taking its time to reel in the listener and inviting you to sit back, chill and just enjoy the songs. Between its folksy feel and relatable lyrics, “African Grey” has an effortlessly cool appeal which makes it the perfect, easy-going soundtrack for the summer and you’ll no doubt find yourself head bopping along.