Far From Who We Are have released their latest single, “Living A Lie” and IT IS A BANGER

Okay, can I start off by saying that Far From Who We Are’s newest single is an absolute banger. That is all – but not really. 

The latest offering from the Joburg-based melodic hard-rock outfit, (Johan Heyns (vocals, guitar), Maarten Heyns (bass) and Kyle Williams(drummer)) is everything a rock song should be and more – trust us.

“Living A Lie” which is softer and more lyrically driven than their usual sound, is distinguished by its enchantingly melodic intro – replete with shimmering guitar and cymbals – which rapidly progresses into a more dynamic, high-energy sound, a move which easily draws the listener in. The track combines a dynamic drumline and driving bass with memorable hooks and some metal-esque distorted guitar riffs to create an effortlessly layered and exhilarating sound. All tied together by Johan Heyns’ clear and emotive vocals which effortlessly lend raw emotion to the lovelorn lyrics.

As they no doubt knew we would all be wanting to sing along, the band have also released a lyric video which features – you guessed it – lyrics, superimposed over images of the band performing.

While “Living a Lie” isn’t necessarily breaking any lyrical moulds or redefining the genre, the band have still managed to make the perfect earworm – catchy chorus and all.