Future Radio break free from all comfort zones in their latest single and video “Run Baby, Run”

Future Radio’s latest single and video “Run Baby, Run” gives an old idea a fresh take as it picks up from where the band’s debut single left off.

The second single from their upcoming debut album Freedom – set for release on the 13th of November – tries it’s hardest to flee from the dreaded comfort zone, the urgency in frontman Johnny Future’s vocals and lyrics matched by an unerring drum beat and frantic guitar riffs as he pleads with us to join him before we get trapped in capitalist-fuelled mediocrity.

The concept for Future Radio’s upcoming album sees each music video forming an episode in the overall narrative so it only makes sense that “Run Baby, Run” would follow in their debut single’s footsteps. The format – which sees an animated narrative broken up by shots of the band performing the song – and the comic-book style animations are the same. The only difference is the story.

This time around we see the protagonist trying to figure out if his comfy but unfulfilling job is worth sacrificing his dreams. Throughout the video there’s a sense of tension that never eases up, a tension that will be familiar to anyone who’s woken up wishing their school/university/office blew up overnight, so they wouldn’t have to go in.

It’s that tension, combined with some clever visual story-telling tricks, which stops Future Radio’s video for “Run Baby, Run” from becoming another run-of-the-mill video about the struggles of being an artist in a capitalist Hell-scape.