Headfury’s debut single and video “Monterrey” expertly captures the essence of our changed world

Melodic hard-rock trio Headfury find hope for the future in their debut single and video “Monterrey”.

The first single from the band’s upcoming debut album A New World, is a punchy number filled with contrast as the optimistic lyrics belie the sometimes sentimental, sometimes ferocious, music around them.

Following the song’s example, the video is filled with juxtapositions. Shots of people finding joy in breaking free and expressing themselves are contrasted with shots of people giving into authority in spite of their instincts telling them not to.

What the video also does is capture the essence of the times we’re going through. One gets the feeling that those moments of happiness are more than just self-expression – they’re acts of escapism in a world filled with chaos as the old guard tries its hardest to hold on to the past.

“Monterrey” is a song filled with subtle nuances which its video helps bring to life, giving Headfury’s debut single an identity as complex as the current global state of affairs.