It’s time to get to know CHXRL, and his new music video for “Autumn” is just the place

CHXRL (don’t ask, we also aren’t sure how this is pronounced) is a 19-year old singer, songwriter and producer hailing from the 011. Having recently released his debut album Autumn, he has followed this up with the release of a simplistic yet undeniably wholesome music video for the album’s titular track.

It kicks off soft and slow, really showcasing CHXRL’s rich and emotive vocals. The energy picks up for the chorus though, which sees the mellow strumming replaced with electric chords, the introduction of a dynamic drumline and CHXRL’s vocals being somewhat obscured by some heavy autotune. The overall sound of the song may be in need of some refining, however, the raw honesty and emotions that are palpable in CHXRL’s voice gives the song distinct appeal.

The music video is simplistic, comprising what appears to be a collection of iPhone video reels rolled into one. That being said, it offers the viewer a candid look at CHXRL and invites you to get to know him a bit better. The overarchingly wholesome, selfie-style footage of the CHXRL pottering about and the occasional cameo from an adorable dog lends the video a deeply personal feel that perfectly complements the song.