James Deacon drops two punchy videos for “Renegade” and “HERO aka Rich”

We been saying that James Deacon is an artist on the up and up. His latest EP Renegade has seen major support across SA’s main radio stations, while his album before that only went and racked up a SAMA nomination – and he’s back again, this time with a double video release for singles “HERO aka Rich” and “Renegade”, both of which achieved stints at #1 on 5fm’s Indie Chart this year.

Directed by Eric T Graham, the two videos offer a coherent visual that centres on an impassioned performance by Deacon, epically unfolding between a deserted building and the alien landscapes of an unused mind dump.

Not to mention the spontaneity behind everything, with Deacon admitting to having shot “Renegade” in one take while waiting for a soundcheck. It’s an approach that flows really well, bringing in just a few dancers as extras on “HERO aka Rich” to really give the scene an added energy. The result, if not a little typical of edgy soloists nowadays, is certainly captivating, and true to form of Deacon’s fiery-eyed sound. 

Sound wise, he’s equally as wide awake, pairing a slick and smooth bass line on “Renegade” with scratchy vocals and a synth distortion that’s 100% badass. Similarly, “HERO aka Rich” is just as aggressively melodic, and while he could do with a touch more authenticity, the passion he brings to his vocal delivery is something that will always notch his sound one-up above his peers.