Janie Bay strips down her sound in her tender acoustic sessions album, In Die Sitkamer

Janie Bay is back with her latest album In Die Sitkamer, which sees the South African singer’s sound stripped down and laid bare in what can only be described as an earnest and deeply emotional acoustic offering. 

An acoustic sessions album which was recorded in the Spoegwolf lounge, In Die Sitkamer features 8 masterfully produced ballads that are bursting with heartfelt emotion. The album sees her revisit some of her best-loved hits including “Amper Daar” and “Die Heelal” which features Early B, with a more laid-back approach, stripping down and really exploring her sound. This lends each of the songs to a more intimate appeal and gives us the opportunity to see a more candid side of Bay and her emotions.

Characterised by its simple yet sweeping guitar-heavy acoustic melodies, In Die Sitkamer takes an evocative deep dive into themes of love and heartbreak – and everything in between – while truly shining a spotlight on her honeyed vocals by allowing them to take centre stage in every track. Atmospheric and full of charm, the album is wonderfully easy to listen to, plus it contains two spectacular covers of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and “You Are My Sunshine” that will have you falling in love with her voice all over again.