Kimosabe dubs September “SoulTember” as he prepares to release a new song every Friday this month

I’ve been a fan of Kimosabe since the first time I heard his feature on DJ Clock’s “Wolves” under his other alias Prom Knights, and I feel like, as much as his musical arsenal is vast and he has various feathers to his genre cap, most of you are still sleeping on him.

Now, in a move that mirrors Apple Music’s Soul September campaign, Kimosabe has launched #SoulTember – a month of soul & R&B music that will see him release a new single every Friday until the end of the month.

The first single for SoulTember is an epic soul ballad titled “Blue Eyes White Dragon” which Kimosabe performed, wrote, and produced – a proper triple threat right there.

Kimosabe has described the track as “an experiment with sombre atmospherics and feelings”, and of the song’s lyrics, he says, “it’s a love poem for a person who will never”. Prepare to feel all of the things.