Kimosabe’s SoulTember campaign culminates in the release of a surprise 7-track EP called DayZ

Never one to do things lightly, I had a sneaking suspicion that Kimosabe’s SoulTember campaign might have a means to an end and turns out I was right on the money.

Today, the last Friday of September, sees the singer and producer drop his latest EP DayZ, a 7-track neo-soul tour de force that consists of the four singles previously released this month, as well as new material.

Recorded and completed in secrecy during our nationwide lockdown, Kimosabe’s EP is entirely self-written and produced, save for the contribution from rapper ByLwansta (also Kimosabe’s brother – talent runs rife in that family let me tell you) on “Someone’s Daughter”.

DayZ, coming hot off the heels of this year’s full-length Nights, Vol 3, as the title would suggest, is a departure from the darker lyrical content, and nocturnal sonics of the preceding trilogy, albeit deceptively so.

Where the Nights trilogy narrates a relationship from beginning to end, DayZ, having been written during a time that,”Felt like the end of the world for a little bit,” Kimosabe explains.

This new EP frames the singer in a scenario where he finds himself alone during this phenomenon, a theme that carries over to the album art, which depicts Kimosabe as staring directly at the apocalypse.

When an EP is entirely self-created and produced, artists sometimes run the risk of maintaining an objectivity when it comes to their art. Not Kimosabe. Every aspect of this EP is so meticulously thought-out that it makes for delicious listening. I just hope you take as much care listening to DayZ as he did making it.