LA-based Matt Simons returns with a pop-satisfactory single “Better Tomorrow” and slick video to match

Following a string of hit singles, LA-based artist Matt Simons returns with his most infectious one yet, “Better Tomorrow”, addressing the global anxiety we’re all feeling during these mal times, whilst offering hope, quite literally, for a better tomorrow.

The track also comes paired with an inventive video, directed by VMA nominated Mercedes Bryce Morgan, who creates a visual as slick as it is alluring. It follows a group of dancers, who double up as the voices inside Matt’s head, playing tricks on him, as they emerge out of mirrors and morph into Matt’s own appearance. By the end of it, you’ll realise the hefty skills needed to make those kinds of impossible transitions look seamless, something Bryce Morgan does effortlessly. 

Matt also brought on the highly acclaimed Swedish producer Hampus Lidvall (Zara Larsson, Icona Pop, Sigala), who’s creative influence takes Matt’s sound into a whole new realm of pop-sensibility. In fact, I’d caution that it’s a sound which becomes pretty bland at times, but only because we’ve heard it done so many times before. I want to hear something that shows me what Matt’s music really means to him.

Still for now, he’s scraping the surface of a daring sound that’s begging for originality, and he’ll find it soon.