Meet MASN: The Gen Z up-and-comer channeling a melting pot of pop-hop fit for a whole new genre

MASN is one of those classic social-media success stories, and I use the word classic because this is becoming a pretty common trend, what with YouTube and TikTok users-gone-viral penning record deals every week.

But MASN has a whole lot more going for him than your average run of the mill.

The Utah-hailing singer, songwriter and rapper first launched onto the scene with the release of his smash hit “Psycho” which dropped in January 2019. Ah remember those sweet days?

Anyway, TikTok played a massive role in getting him trending and before he knew it, he’d inked a deal with RCA Records and dropped a remix of “Psycho” with rapper Trippy Red, as his debut release with the label.

Now he’s got an EP, How To Kill A Rockstar, on the airwaves and it packs all the goodies he’s penned in a brief, tasty package – not bad for a 19-year-old who was kicking it at home just a year ago. His is a career sparked by boredom and spurred on by the clever use of the internet.

Though he never actually specifies how to kill the rockstar, his EP packs a punch with a clever combination of languid hip hop beats, rolling pop hooks and a little bit of lo-fi experimentation thrown in there for good measure. It’s about love, obvs, and if it weren’t for the driving beats which underpin every song, this could pass for an EP of soft-hearted ballads.

He follows an impressive trend of acoustic opening bars, thumping bass and a crafty balance between rapped and sung lyricism. “Fire” is fire, enough said – while “Hold Me” which features Mishaal channels a sultry vein fleshed out in fine-tuned melody.

I’ve said this before, but Gen Z artists on the rise channel a whole lot of unapologetic originality when it comes to breathing new life into a scene, and MASN is right up there with the change-makers.