Meet R&B’s new poster boy Giveon, the fast-rising star who’s helping rebrand Spotify’s Are & B hub

Long Beach native Giveon is one of those rookie stars fast changing the face of modern R&B. He’s packed with the sort of newbie talent which has had him turning heads throughout the year with his velvety vocals and shrewd songwriting skills – accelerated with the helpful kick his feature on Drake’s February track “Chicago Freestyle” lent him.

Add to that a friendly Insta shoutout from Justin Bieber himself and Giveon is pretty much counting the days before he’s solidified himself as a household name. Despite his rapid 2020 rise into the limelight, he’s been steadily going through the paces on his own time to get to where he is. He made his debut back in 2018 with “Garden Kisses” which sits just shy of 3 million streams to date.

Last month Spotify hopped on Giveon’s bandwagon for their brand new Are & Be Spotify Singles project – pegging him as the face of the rebranding of their R&B hub, as they spotlight the genre with exclusive reworked singles.

Debuting the project is Giveon’s own Spotify Singles: comprising of a stripped, acoustic version of his love-struck hit “LIKE I WANT YOU” (which also gained him his first million streams) on side A, and a soulful, classical cover of D’Angelo’s iconic “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” which serves as side B.

Giveon’s steadily breathing a little more life into R&B with every track he drops and he’s got so much more up his sleeve.