Mongrel Records are here with the finest in local heavy metal with FANGS Volume 2

With so many bands releasing incredible music the local heavy metal scene can be intimidating. It seems like every other week there’s a new record to add to an ever-increasing pile of records that need to be listened to, but fear not because the folks over at Mongrel Records have condensed it all into 14 tracks of hard-hitting, head-banging delight.

The album kicks off with Facing the Gallows’ minute and a half face-melter “Small Hands” to get the blood pumping and the bodies moving. Dividing the Element bring some Zimbabwean flair with their attitude-filled “Pakaipa” which leads into Ill System’s reggae-tinged “Ego Check”. 

For lovers of thrashy blast-beats Vielikan and Lelahell have you covered with “God(s), Love and Life” and “Adam the First” while those who prefer their metal with a dash of melancholy can find solace in Albinobeach’s “Jugga” and Ethyl Ether’s “Ode”.

FANGS volume 2 is proof of the strength and diversity of the Southern African metal scene. From scream-laden, mind-blowingly fast tracks to gentler, more melodic numbers this compilation has everything you could possibly need.

Urban Village’s new single “izivunguvungu” is a modern take on a deep-rooted traditional Zulu genre made to sweep you away