Oooth’s acoustic re-imagining of, Who Cares What You Think, gives their debut offering an intriguing facelift

Oooth are back with an acoustic version of 2018’s Who Cares What You Think, giving every song a makeover and proving they’re more than just a hard-rock band.

Lead singer Jason Oosthuizen had the idea of re-exploring their debut album and giving it a fresh spin while coming up with new music for the band. The result is an album that seems to come alive, the new arrangements giving the compositions time and space to reach their full potential. 

This time around the album’s opener “Gotta Give It Up” has more nuance to it, bringing with it a sense of head-strong optimism that’s come through some pretty dark places and the title-track gives the original a new identity while still keeping the intensity of the original.

“Hands Under The Table”, one of the album’s highlights, amplifies the sense of unease as the acoustic arrangement gives the song’s inherent tension room to breathe. The melodies come together in a way that creates an intimidating, other-worldly landscape for Oosthuizen’s vocals to fill. 

Oooth have been quick to prove that there is so much more to them than the rock ‘n’ roll sound the music world has been getting to know, and it’s good to see.