Robin Myles chronicles broken masculinity in a captivating visual accompaniment to his EP, Divide

Robin Myles has just delivered the sort of knife sharp exploration of toxic masculinity we should all be hearing. In these times, the world has 9999 problems and broken masculinity is right up there at the forefront. It’s a refreshing, and I daresay impressive, change to see men tackling the issue directly through their creative work.

R&B soul musician, animator, producer and visual artist Robin Myles has just dropped a whole EP on the subject and has paired it with a self-animated video series to bring it to life.

Divide zeros in on pain, loss, and self-destruction only to end up at self-awareness. It’s a gnarly ride, made visual in his textured palette, throughout which the protagonist rides the wave through a pillowy R&B lens.

It’s not just R&B here – or if it is, it’s a wholly refreshing take on the genre. Psych influence is rife in “Falling”, while lo-fi experimentalism rules “Try Me”. The whole EP grows progressively darker as it ensues, wrapping you up in a fascinating, cloying audial journey.

Myles has delivered a pragmatic and deeply candid exploration on just what cultural and historic stereotypes feed these toxic traits, and unpacks it with startlingly impressive sound.

Watch the video series here.