Saul City’s new video for “Amusement Park” is a seductive R&B trope

Perfectly seductive and atmospheric,“Amusement Park” is the brand-new single from husband and wife duo Saul City – comprising of Michele (guitar) and Lauren (vocals) – and an absolute treat for the ears. 

The song unfolds with the effortless ease that only an R&B track can achieve, inviting the listener into its intimate embrace.  Lauren’s silkily soulful vocals masterfully navigate the lyrics which explore a love gone wrong – while simple yet sultry chords and a languorous low-fi-esque beat meld together to create a shimmering melody. 

The black and white vintage-inspired video is breathtaking in its simplicity. A single shot of Lauren – her face painted to resemble a clown – on her side and singing to the camera. The result is an intimately atmospheric accompaniment to a song, characterised by a sound which luxuriates in itself. it’s alluring appeal at its finest.