Sincerely Anne! spins an inspiring message through a deeply personal lens in her music video for “Transcend”

When Sincerely Anne! sings it’s almost as if you’ve slipped into a folktale for a moment. She pairs her orchestral background with visceral lyricism and takes her cues from her concert-master history and her time shared on stage with the likes of Ard Matthews and Shortstraw – creating a distinctive sound which is as modern as it is avant-garde.

“Transcend” comes along with an emotive, ethereal video shot almost entirely underwater. Written in the emotional aftermath of a close friend’s death to violent crime, and throughout overcoming her own long term health complications, Anne has penned this track as a message of encouragement – from her to her.

It is as simple and clear-cut as the visual. Chiming piano lines meet lilting strings and her own soothing vocals. The video is an ethereal underwater narration – cutting between gothic and unsettling to dreamy and angelic, Anne cuts a striking figure submerged.

“Live you life so that it’s a shame to die” is the overriding message here, and that’s just about the only thing you need to do to live a meaningful existence.