SonOfOld’s latest release “Much Better” is a raw piece of creative collaboration, with an equally erratic visual alongside it

SonOfOld’s latest video single “Much Better”, born from a creative collaboration between Nic Olsen and studio producer Daniel Baskin, is a high-fidelity smoke screen with no hint of glamorous musicality. It’s raw, it’s brut, and everything we’ve come to expect from these guys. 

Known for having written for bands like Perez and The Parlotones before going solo, Olsen seems to carry an original flair for huffed-up song writing with him wherever he goes. It’s a style that comes through brilliantly in “Much Better”, playing on down beat tempos, droning basslines and a New Orleans style brass section that makes for a sound as dramatic as it is hypnotic. 

Matching Olsen’s sound, the single’s accompanying music video is suitably erratic, and the final product seems a little like an iPhone attempt at Stanley Kubrick, in-keeping with Olson’s left-of-centre aesthetic.

With so many of today’s popular releases conforming to a certain style of form, SonOfOld legit does not give a shit about what’s mainstream, instead focusing on exactly the kind of art that he wants throw out into the universe.

“Much Better” truly is a powerful track, and if it’s any hint of what’s to come from SonOfOld’s upcoming full-length release, I’m here for the long run.