Straatligkinders’s latest single “Storms”, heavily influenced by Foo Fighters, is a reminder to keep on keeping on

Straatligkinders’ latest single “Storms” offers its strength to all those who have been trying to keep their heads above water throughout this year.

With Foo Fighters serving as musical inspiration, “Storms” holds firm against 2020’s constant barrage of difficulties, and promises that, as long as we all stay strong and try to keep our chins up, things will calm down and some kind of normalcy will return. Here’s hoping. 

From the jump you can hear the Foo’s influence with an intimate, acoustic intro that opens up into an immense, synth-driven wall of sound. From then on out the song takes a more straightforward rock ’n roll approach as simmering verses explode into heart-pounding choruses.

What keeps this song from falling into the clutches of cliché are subtle touches which add a touch of grace to proceedings – whether it’s the piano runs in the verses or the pop-rock melodies of the choruses.

This year’s been a crazy ride on an existential level and “Storms” is a reminder that, even though our minds might reflect the chaos of the world, if we stay strong and find comfort and joy where we can, we’ll get through this thing.