Sunken State come into their own during first live stream at Urban Sessions in Braam

I saw Sunken State at RAMfest in March this year and I was, to put it mildly, intrigued. Here was a metal band that I definitely wanted to see again, but then Covid-19 hit us square between the eyes and everything came to a grinding halt.

For the band, the gig at RAMfest was a rewarding experience for all of the hard work that they’ve been pouring into crafting their live set. So when the big delay came, they decided to let nothing stand in the way of their progress and continued to work hard on their multiple projects, composing songs for their debut album.

Their live stream this passed week at Urban Sessions confirmed that they have used the last six months to their advantage, and that it has allowed them to focus 100% of their time and energy into honing the meticulous details of their set – but also the admin side of things that bands so often ignore.

Playing in front of a virtual audience is a different animal, and like every muso that’s played Urban Sessions before them, Sunken State relied heavily upon the energy of a live audience. But seeing them in a totally different environment as opposed to live set, only strengthened their performance ethic in my mind.

For everyone who missed the live stream you’re in luck, the band have made it available on Video On Demand and tickets are R40 a pop which you can purchase here.

Check out a few of Henry Engelbrecht’s pics below and get amped.