Tate McRae just got crowned YouTube’s Artist On The Rise 2020 and is poised to take on the world

It seems only apt that Tate McRae has hooked the title of YouTube’s new Artist On The Rise, since it was the very platform which serves as her claim to fame. The Canadian bedroom pop darling’s career has exploded in a way few have during lockdown – and that’s pretty much because she’s been forced to go back to basics, and the place she works best from: her bedroom.

She’s dropped a slew of releases throughout isolation and there’s only more to come. Her Artist on the Rise feature unpacks her journey so far – in a way her singing career is a fluke: her viral YouTube channel started as a platform to share her dancing, her first track was written on a bored whim – and her desire to start shaking things up within her sound.

“I wanted “Vicious” to be the start of my second EP, as something a little more fierce,” she explains. “Vicious” dropped a couple of months ago and definitely gravitated towards the edgier side of pop – think Taylor Swift’s Reputation album and you’ll be right on the money.

She’s been reeling out the releases in the last few weeks too. A live-in-the-park, stripped version on “you broke me first” dropped as collateral for her Artist on the Rise announcement, while a brand new single and video, “don’t be sad” hit the internet about a month ago.

Barely 17 and already pushing the Gen Z pop envelope right out the window, McRae’s got a knack for making the good stuff.