Thando Skwatsha and Milan Rendall deliver up an African dream in their “Wonder” video

Singer-songwriter Thando Skwatsha and producer Milan Rendall just dropped a video for their Love Is opening track “Wonder” and it’s a glorious ode to Africa.

Despite having finally dropped their collaborative EP a month ago, these guys are in no way slowing down when it come to their ongoing musical romance.

You can tell this track really had Skwatsha at the helm: production is minimal – sticking to a driving modern beat which fleshes out the song from within its Lion King soundtrack-esque fantasies. It’s subtly cinematic, with layered choral melody propelling it forward with an earthy message of hope at the the forefront.

The video paints its own picture of an homage to the motherland – sweeping vistas meet strikingly styled portraiture. Shot and produced by OCTOPI in what appears to be a single take – half music video, half fashion highlight. Stylists Erin Simon and Olive Hodge raked through their own closets, vintage stores, local designers’ catalogues for an array of forward-thinking outfits for Skwatsha and his ring of backup talent.

“Wonder” is both a rousing message of hope and a subtle reminder of the enduring Afro roots of our industry. “[The video] is a true testament to the community spirit and camaraderie that is so present in our country,” explains Rendall of the ensemble production crew behind this project – and that’s really the best way to put it.