The 4th World spits truths at the world in a feverish political rant of a video for “Corporate Colonialism”

If you’re in need of a catchy wake up call – or really just a little quick-footed insight into the dodgy ways of the world at large, look no further. Elusive UK rapper The 4th World just penned this fiery anti-establishment rant pivoted off a chiming, cruising synth-laden melody line – just to soften it up around the edges.

With a pretty self-explanatory title, “Corporate Colonialism” takes a humanitarian angle on the dire straits of the world as it unpacks the exploitation of Third World countries at the hands of First World nations. Hence the blanket opinion that colonialism is far from a distant historical blip, but a very present issue hidden beneath the gilded lens of modern media.

“Hello neo-apartheid,” he spits over an orchestral backbone. “”The Third World’s riches, still stolen over and over.” The video packs a follow up punch with a newsreel format: lyrics scrolling like headlines across the bottom of the page as images of Trump, bomb blasts, and environmental rallies flash through.

“Corporate Colonialism” serves as a slap-in-the-face wake-up-call – which to be honest, if you haven’t had a few already I don’t know where you’ve been living – and shines a stark spotlight on the corporate injustices which rule the southern hemisphere. Nothing like some political controversy to kick off your Friday, hey?