The Fismits’ Before The Hindsight album, is a glimpse into the vast potential they’re only beginning to tap into

The Fismits’ debut album, Before The Hindsight, is a promising offering that shows a band slowly coming into its own.

Three years after The Fismits’ debut EP Anywhere was released to our lukewarm review, the band has dropped an album that’s learnt from its predecessor’s mistakes but still has some way to go before really making an impact.

With its almost laboured delivery and somewhat unimaginative lyrics the album’s opener “Questions” will have you thinking that not much has changed in the last three years – but the chugging riffs and vocal certainties of “Would She Call Him” steady the ship somewhat.

With a bit more bravery and commitment the rave-tinged “I Can’t Believe” and “One Dead Friend” could be absolute bangers, as the grungy guitars and EDM beats combine to create a sound not dissimilar to that of The Prodigy.

The album’s closer “Ryder” gives us a glimpse of what The Fismits are really capable of. The band’s confidence is palpable as guitar and drums synchronise seamlessly to give lead singer Mark Biagio the freedom to express himself fully, finally.