The Pissups deliver a beer-fueled ode to life’s monotony in their video for “Humdrum”

In all honesty, about 85% of our lives consist of the mundane, and that’s the beauty of it. The Pissups just offered up a little narrative on that whole concept of a humdrum life – with nothing but your dreams, beer and an empty wallet for company. Doesn’t sound too bad either.

True to their name, The Pissups veer wholly in favour of their own moniker as they reel out the track to a favourable audience of dops. I can’t quite catch the brand of the beer but it’s obviously a firm favourite.

Rollicking punk-rock makes the tables turn here. It’s the sort of thing which used to be all over my playlist in 2015 – and all over The Assembly’s weekend lineup too. It’s catchy, it’s rough around the edges, and it’s going to make you move. Jangling riffage keeps things light. Rasping vocals maintain a little jagged edge. They never hit a dull note, and “Humdrum” delivers itself up as a nostalgic rock reminisce on the the good old days – but also on how these new days are pretty good too.

“It’s not so bad that cracking a beer and listening to punk makes you happy.” That sounds about right.