trxstxssx’ latest mini-EP, The Pipe Dreams I’ll Find, is an amalgamation of melancholic thought patterns & blissful hope turned audio

trxstxssx is an electronic music producer based in Bloemfontein with an ambient sound to leave you in atmospheric awe.

The tracks on his latest release “The Pipe Dreams I’ll Find”, are layered with subtle moments that absorb the listener into its fullness with the intricate details showing just how good trxstxssx is in his choice of sounds. Wavy synths and melodic vocal samples echo over rhythmic drums and thoughtful ambience.

There is a purposeful eeriness to the tape, a sombre gloom coming face to face with what feels like a calm acceptance of oneself. This mini-EP manages to fully engage the listener in its beauty and despite its short length, there is no shortage of intricacies to appreciate.

The project closes with two remixes of “PERIPHERAL,” by Karmokar and X14, both offering fresh takes on an already excellent song. Karmokar going as far as throwing some swift bars towards the end.

If you truly want to support an artist, Bandcamp is the way to go, and trxstxssx offers a bonus track for those who do. Perfect sound placement and choice leads to a banger of a bonus track, a moment of insanity in the otherwise ambient thoughtfulness of “The Pipe Dreams I’ll Find”.