With not one fan in attendance, Oooth’s live video for “No Race” is a reminder of how unsettling lockdown really is

Oooth’s new video for “No Race” is an unintentionally eerie affair that will have you longing for the day when we can pack our favourite gig venues to the rafters again.

The track, a single from the band’s debut album Who Cares What You Think, takes a frustrated stab at being progressive but ultimately misses the point of conversations around race. Ultimately the song is about being sick of racism – but rather than actively making an effort at dismantling the current status-quo, it longs for the far-off Utopian ideal of a world where race is no longer a factor.

The video was taken from Oooth’s Play It Forward Online show, shot on the MGG Productions stage during lockdown, which raised funds for Tattooers Unite SA and Feed Our Crew. On the surface it’s a live performance video with the band giving their all under flashing lights and the odd bit of pyro. What makes it different, though, is the lack of an audience. Somehow, even though there’s nothing that indicates the lack of fans, the emptiness is all but tangible, making the performance seem like a dress rehearsal more than anything else.

Credit must be given to Oooth for bringing their all to such a strange setup but the lack of a crowd makes the video for “No Race” slightly unsettling.