Bouwer Bosch’s short film “Liefde Love Uthando – The Documentary” is a beautiful take on what music means in South Africa

Bouwer Bosch’s love-fuelled single “Liefde Love Uthando” was a true ode to the cultural diversity of South Africa and its people, with a video featuring various dancers from around the country, each driving home a message of unity through their love of the craft.  

Now, one month on from Bosch, Freddy L and Gazelle’s hit track, a 25-minute feature video has been released, documenting the characters behind the dances – and let me tell you, it’s every bit inspiring as it is beautiful. 

They’ve got Phiwokuhle Sibande, the frontman of the True Skanda Movas Pantsula dance crew, explaining how the dance is as old as the township itself, and that Pantsula dancers aren’t just dancers, but pioneers of the street, leaders, and joy makers. 

Following is Anton van Vollenhoven, the chairman of the Northern Region Folk Games, speaking on the traditional Afrikaans volkspele and the pride dancers take in their culture because of it. Already you’re getting the message behind the docu-short, which is only further highlighted by Xhosa dancer Yolanda Fyrus Xashi’s intense spirit of movement. 

Bosch, Freddy L and Gazelle also each weigh in, speaking rather poetically about music’s place in society as a kind of medium to tell stories, or give meaning to the feelings people don’t have words for. 

All in all this is one big celebration of SA and the love we share amongst ourselves, and so long as music and dance continue, the strength we draw from these things will only unite us more.