Francois van Coke and Matthew Mole release the live video for their cutesy collaboration “Fall”

If you missed this year’s live stream edition of Francois en Vriende, here’s a tasty slice of it in the form of the video for Francois van Coke and Matthew Mole’s sugary sweet collaboration, “Fall”

Directed by Johannes Pieter Nel and produced by Valkie Van Coke (Wynand Myburgh), it’s a pretty straightforward live performance video with the song anchored by Matthew, who sits to the left of Frannie, at the piano.

In fact, this song has Matthew’s signature style stamped all over it, with Frannie’s band, Die Gevaar, injecting a bit more life into it live.

Currently playlisted across 26 radio stations in SA, and interestingly enough, Frannie’s most Shazam’ed song to date, it’s a solid commercial hit that’s bound to be played at a few weddings in the future – yes even with that little rock ‘n’ roll breakdown towards the end – it’s that Matthew Mole effect.

I’ll be honest, it’s still a bietjie weird to hear Frannie sing in English, but so be it. I would’ve paid good money to hear Matthew sing in Afrikaans though. Next time?