Future Radio turn things down a notch with their latest single “Break Us”

Future Radio have just walked down a different road in their quest to break free from society’s shackles in their latest single “Break Us”. The third single from their upcoming debut album Freedom sees Future Radio change things up a bit. With its minimalist approach the song is filled with a different kind of tension to the previous releases. 

A hypnotic riff combined with frontman Johnny Future’s almost sinister vocals amplifies the feeling of entrapment which helps add to the explosiveness of the breakdown which – it must be said – could do with a bit more power.

The lyrics also add a new dimension to the band’s otherwise overtly political stance. While still sticking to the general theme of breaking free, “Break Us” touches on the impossible dilemma of giving up something you love, bringing a bit of humanity to their brand. 

Just like the song, the video helps shake the band’s identity up. The formula is largely the same as before but for some explosive visuals which are superimposed on proceedings, adding some welcome flair to a familiar concept.

Future Radio’s previous two singles had me thinking that they’re simply a subversive, anti-authoritarian band but “Break Us” is proof that they’re more than that. Taking a break from trying to change the world, the song takes a more introspective journey through a feeling I’m sure we can all relate to.