Guy Buttery gloriously reworks his track “Sonokota” five times over in a captivating remix EP and video

Guy Buttery, like most of us, has had a lot of time on his hands for a bit of creativity over the last few months and we’ve seen the results in the form of a stream of releases dropping from his side – but he’s not quite done yet.

In the vein of opening up his work for reinterpretation, he has lifted “Sonokota” off his 2019 collaborative album Nāḍī and found five new angles to look at it from, packed together in a visceral, audial journey of an EP.

From the outset, you’d hardly guess this was the same track reworked. Opening on the “Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society Remix” – a dreamy, synth-heavy slow-burner which leans more in favour of the African influences of the original – the EP proceeds to take another route entirely as the “A Million Things Remix (340ml)” takes a darker, more full-bodied turn with a thudding beat rallying up against its decidedly more eastern influence.

The latter remix also comes along with a gorgeous visual: a collection of sweeping aerial footage of contrasting landscapes across southern Africa.

“Gourmet’s (MABUTA) Remix” clocks in a little shorter and little funkier than the rest – channeling fuzzed out bass lines and laser synths. The original track is placed slap in the middle of the EP, serving as a touch point of where it all started before the latter half delves into a hollowed acoustic live rendition of the track, before wrapping up with the demo version’s pillowey, alternative flavour.

Born purely from a desire for experimentation, Sonokota gives you the chance to explore the track from a multitude of perspectives, steeped in diverse instrumentation and pivoted off Buttery’s pure creative scope.