Indie-pop newcomer Vaughn Prangley drops a sneakily confident debut, “Oasis”

At only 16 years old, indie-pop talent Vaughn Prangley is throwing himself into his music headfirst. With a video freshly dropped today for his first single “Oasis”, he’s fast on his way to quickly becoming one of SA’s most promising young musos, with a voice charged by maturity way beyond his years.

The track also gave Vaughn his first taste of recording in a studio, alongside Howie Combrink from The Hit Lab, bringing a newness to his sound that surely comes from the energy of the experience. And what’s more is that his knack for song-writing never once faltered, retaining the purity of his guitar amidst the pop production. 

The video, which follows Vaughn around desolate landscapes and on empty roads, is a little less exciting than the track itself, but what does that really matter? It’s the music we’re here for, and Vaughn is every bit as confident in himself as he is in his sound. Sure, he’s got some way to go before he finesses his signature sound, but this is a budding start nonetheless.