Introducing The Hopeful Poets: the band on their way to finding that indie-hop sweet spot with the debut single “Pretty Downtown”

New kids on the block, Johannesburg-based indie-hop duo The Hopeful Poets – comprising of Dylan Du Randt (vocals) and Slade Stephenson (bass and drums) – have released their debut single “Pretty Downtown” along with a tropical house remix by local artist Kimon Rayne and it’s pretty chilled.

The song, at its core, is dreamily laid back and filled with the promise of good vibes. Their sound is characterised by uncomplicated melodies made up of simplistic chord structures, steady drumlines and easy-going vocals from Du Randt – with the occasional somewhat clumsy hip hop interlude to shake things up as the pair try their hand at genre-blending. 

Multiple pace changes and unpredictable melody lines gives the track a bit of a patchwork feel, bordering on sounding like several different songs rather than one coherent offering. Nevertheless, it’s a breezy easy-listener, and a promising debut.