It’s all about self-love and self-expression in Oooth’s latest single and video “On the Table”

Oooth just want to see everybody be themselves and have a good time in their latest single and video “On the Table”.

To keep their momentum going ahead of their album, set for release next year, Oooth have dropped “On the Table”, a track defined by unflinching riffs and rhythms and that, at the end of the day, is about going all out and living your best life regardless of other peoples’ opinions.

Set in a school hall with Jason Oosthuizen and co. making magic on stage, the video, centred around a cheerleader audition, drives home the idea of freedom of expression. With a healthy dose of comedy, it subverts the usual cheerleader stereotype with characters from all walks of life who refuse to conform to anyone’s expectations. 

With its tongue-in-cheek, happy-go-lucky nature the video serves as inspiration for the kind of self-loving, expectation subverting energy we need to be carrying into 2021.