Lungelo Manzi’s new video “Closure” is a sepia-toned dream – quite literally

We’ve had nothing but love for Lungelo Manzi since the start – and particularly since his neo jazz-hop album, Live At The Chairman, changed the game last year. He’s the sort of hip-hop revolutionary who has taken the genre neatly into his own hands and is spinning it anyway he pleases – and it almost always works.

The third and final installment of his Black Dog EP series is about to drop, and to keep the interest high, Manzi lifted the lid on “Closure” last week – which comes along with a dreamy visual shot entirely on a Huawei P30 Pro. Although you’d never guess it – all praise modern technology, hey?

An old-school romantic touch wraps the single and visual alike. A dreamy synth melody forms the undercurrent of the track beneath a thudding beat and Manzi’s swiftly laid down verses – while the video is warm sepia-toned dream sequence through a misty garden.

It’s all quite ethereal really – although the definitive hip-hop beat keeps things grounded. It’s an abstract narrative of uncertainty and the process of moving forward, wrapped in a characteristically subtle atypical quality which Manzi always carries through.