M2KaNE just penned “MaDlamini”, a touching tribute to his mother with an equally arresting video to go with it

M2KaNE loves his mama and he wants to be sure everyone knows it. “MaDlamini” is equal parts endearing and deeply moving. It’s a heartfelt homage to the woman who raised him, and the many trials and tribulations she’s tackled while doing so.

“I am so sorry for the ache you braved/ […] Look at the man you’ve made me, the way you’ve paved,” he raps warmly through a floaty guitar melody and a thudding beat. In the only single off his upcoming project Crimson Sculptures, M2KaNE strikes a characteristically effortless balance within his sound and he lays down bars, cleanly produced by GLXDWiN.

He continues the narrative of gratitude within the frames of the accompanying video. Shot, edited and directed by MarazA, the visual is a colour-soaked picture of a whole lot of emotion.  

This is no happy-go-lucky sort of gratitude narrative – M2KaNE is quick to hint at the jagged-edged intricacies of his mother’s life. There is worry lining his face as he awakes from a childhood nightmare of parental arguments – and emotion etches into him as he plays back a message of gentle advice from his mother, which reels out slowly for the last two minutes of the track to inject even greater depth to an already touching offering.