Meet the 3 women who are now running Rocking The Daisies and who make us incredibly excited for the future of the festival

After George Avakian yesterday announced that he’d be taking a step back as festival director from Rocking The Daisies and, effectively, Steyn Entertainment, many were left perplexed as to who would take his place.

With Rocking The Daisies having changed so drastically in approach and focus over the last 3 years with George at the helm, would the new festival director share the same passion and vision in taking Daisies to new heights?

This morning George wasted no time tweeting that Rocking The Daisies was now run by three incredible ladies.

And I am very excited to share with you that those three ladies are Zethu Gqola (Head of Marketing & Communications), Shannon Valstar (Head of Entertainment & Event Production) and Ashleigh Coetzer (Head of Production & Event Sponsorship), who have all been working behind-the-scenes at Daisies in multiple capacities for the last while.

From all of us at TATC, a huge congrats to the ladies who are now front and centre, you have our full support and we cannot wait to see what Daisies will look like once large-scale events are permitted again.

Watch the video below to find out a bit more abut the three ladies.

Feature pic courtesy of Awelani Mudau.