Mx Blouse chronicles a whole lot of isolation feels with a quirky mimed music video for “A Broken Heart”

Mx Blouse is as much of a musical chameleon as they are gender non-conforming. Ambiguity is their game and while for their initial string of releases they’ve been channeling a decidedly kwaito meets hip-hop trajectory, Mx Blouse does like to veer into unexpected territory and “A Broken Heart” is just the lo-fi groove of an example we need.

Not that it’s entirely unexpected. The single is lifted off their debut album Elementality which dropped in July and did tend to lean in favour of that sort of melodic vein: a mild kwaito beat still carrying through to keep their sound true to form. Xhosa and English vocals intersect seamlessly over a high-tone beat – produced by Bakai – as Blouse waxes lyrical on the semi self-inflicted isolation which comes along with a broken heart.

In the theme of 2020 it’s got an added layer of meaning – isolation has become an all-too-familiar word in our vocabulary these days – and Mx Blouse strikes a balance between emotive lyricism and general wackiness which is carried through on the visual.

Directed by Jabu Nadia Newman, the video is a bizarre representation of isolation through the eyes of Mordecai: Blouse’s self-constructed mime-like character. It’s a weird and wonderful representation of loneliness.