Mzwaa releases bold video for his soulful love song “Lutsandvo”

Hopping onto the scene in October last year, Mzwaa made a big impression with the release of his eclectic R&B anthem “I Got It”, followed by his debut EP Right On Time. His music tells stories of trials and love, through the lens of optimistic Swazi youth – earning him two nominations at the 2019 MTN SWAMA Awards, for Best Newcomer of the Year and Best Collaboration, which he won, with single “Lutsandvo” featuring Velemseni.

What’s more, the track has just been reimagined with a bold music video, setting Mzwaa and Velemseni to the backdrop of greeny nature and swooping forests, while celebrating love and its diversity through the perspective of emaSwati. Directed by Mmeli Hlanze & Alexandros Hatzinikolaou, it’s a visual that centres the artists amidst their music, and while it could probably do with a more striking direction style, it does the job.

As far as the track goes, there’s no denying that it’s a fan favourite, pairing tender guitar strings with Mzwaa’s soft yet powerful voice. And then comes Velemseni, who, in all her vocal strength, brings a lush soulfulness to this love song. Sung entirely in siSwati, “Lutsandvo” really crawls its way into our feels, and we’re happy to keep it there for a while.