PHFAT joins forces with Paul Ward to create “Whatever You Like”, a deliciously-lit slice of visual pie

PHFAT (real name Mike Zietsman) is known for releasing music videos that are carefully and considerately crafted and his latest offering “Whatever You Like” is no different, seeing him team up with his friend, photographer and scene-stirrer, Paul Ward, for a deliciously-lit slice of visual pie.

This song speaks about being on the edge of falling in love, of teetering on the brink of bliss, but also, apprehension, or as Mike puts it that feeling of, “Oh dear, this might be inconvenient at some point.”

Co-written and co-produced by Greg Abrahams (Floors), melodically Mike has shifted from making floor-shaking slammers to making bed-breaking bangers with “Whatever You Like” – this is pure sex music only further heightened by the erotic, all-inclusive narrative the video presents.

Paul, together with 21-year-old producer Hana Jayne Sho, was adamant about taking us on an abstract journey through the various shades of love’s emotions by the showcasing the dark, beautiful, and honest reality of love.

“I didn’t want to tell the viewer how to feel, to leave it open for interpretation,” Paul muses. “Everybody has their own personal emotions that resonate around love, and with this highly-visual film, we didn’t want the viewer to think. We wanted them to feel.”

If this piece didn’t make it clear allow me to spell it out for you – PHFAT now plays in a league all his own, the rest of the world just need to catch on.