Pirates of Radio break down barriers with their latest single and video “GLOW”

Pirates of Radio’s latest single and video “GLOW” paints a bleak picture about the present but an interesting one about the future of music.

So, “GLOW” is already a pretty good song. The composition has subtlety and tact as it brilliantly supports vocalist Gideon Kretschmer’s take on songwriter Ramon Rabie’s words, but what makes it really special is the fact that the band members are all living in different countries. Never having even been in a room together, Pirates of Radio used the powers of the internet to write a track that echoes the misery of this year.

The video is a journey through a myriad of thoughts and feelings, never shying away from difficult imagery. What Pirates of Radio do differently to most other bands who have used the same concept, though, is take a softer route. Rather than making the video as overtly devastating as possible, they play around with colours, generally happier ones, to bring another dimension and intensify the images. 

“GLOW” is proof that distance is no longer an issue when it comes to writing music as a band and that there’s magic to be found in venturing into new territory.