Prepare to take a deep dive into your emotions on Kenan Tatt’s debut album, Desert Swim

Kenan Tatt (of Yndian Mynah and Honeymoan fame) just dropped his solo debut, Desert Swim, and it’s a beautifully bittersweet ode to his experiences in life. His first release under his own name, the album is a refreshingly earnest exploration of his thoughts and emotions.

Listening to the album in its entirety is a truly intimate audial experience. Tatt’s soft, mournful vocals lend gravity and sincerity to each track’s introspective and often melancholic lyrics. An evocative deep dive into Tatt’s psyche, Desert Swim unfurls with slow precision as he masterfully creates delicate melodies on the guitar with simple yet expansive chords, weaving a wistful sound of completely palatable sadness. The result is a deeply personal album that, at times might make you feel as though you’re intruding on a private thought.

Tracks bleed into one another, simultaneously distinguishing themselves while seamlessly coming together to form a cohesively mellifluous sound. Tatt has managed to create an offering that is contemplative without a hint of egocentrism and is wholly enjoyable from start to finish.