SA’s R&B powerhouse, Shekhinah pairs up with BeyT for a dreamy synth-laden single called “Fixate”

Let’s get something straight from the get-go, Shekhinah is a powerhouse of a woman in the industry right now.

The SA Idols veteran just completed her first digital version of her all-female festival brainchild Rosefest, is still riding the wave of numerous awards she scooped with her debut album Rose Gold, and with a fresh album on the horizon, she’s teasing the goods with a dreamy BeyT collab, “Fixate”.

This is a track which has been marinading in Shekhinah’s personal repertoire for over two years now. It’s been chopped and changed, flipped around and fleshed out to become the mid-tempo synth-heavy R&B bop she’s just dropped. It speaks to the ups and down of growing up through your twenties, and packs a self-love punch through a slightly less rose-tinted lens than she frames her debut in.

After running into BeyT at MR EAZI’s Empower Africa in Cape Town last year, Shekhinah brought the Kenyan dream girl on board to bring some smooth, easy counterpart vocalism to the tail end of the track. Warm, ethereal, even-keeled sound spills through as she deftly unpacks the idea of impostor syndrome in the process of finding oneself.

She’s got a whole lot more of this goodness in the works with a decidedly feistier second full-length release, Trouble In Paradise, and we’re here for it.