Saving Arthur have released their latest album, Am I Dreaming, and we certainly are

Stellenbosch-hailing group, Saving Arthur, just released their highly-anticipated new album Am I Dreaming and while they might not be dreaming, I certainly felt like I was as I listened to the ethereal masterpiece.

The 11-track album takes you on a journey into a sonic dreamscape, unfolding languidly but with supreme confidence in its laid-back appeal. Characterised by unfussed energy and easy-going yet nuanced sound, Am I Dreaming is effortlessly cool and uplifting and its energy, although leisurely, is altogether contagious. 

The tracks feature dreamy vocals and a layered sound that stacks melodic guitar, shimmering synth and an upbeat yet unhurried drumline that just manages to keep you from completely giving into temptation and dropping off into dreamland. That being said, the reflective and progressively serious nature of the lyrics tends to be, at times, overshadowed by the sheer chilled-out-ness of the sound.

From the jazzy undertones of “Falling In Love With The Cage” to the expansive melodies of the anthemic titular track, Saving Arthur have created an altogether appealing and wonderfully whimsical sound that is deceptively easy to listen to and that will undoubtedly make you want to chill the hell out.