Texx Talks

Texx Talks S3 E2 welcomes back African pop phenomenon Tresor to catch up in light of his milestone feat

In this week’s episode of Texx Talks we’re doing things a bit differently, getting African pop phenomenon and good friend to the show, Tresor, back at the mic for our first official catch-up. And it’s fitting because his original podcast was one of our most streamed of all time.

The last time we spoke to Tresor, he promised Texx, when we did this again it would be at his beach house in Malibu and we feel like it would have been, but COVID-19 really went and screwed everything up.

But – clearly it hasn’t stopped him from grinding because – break out the champagne – his third album, Nostalgia, has officially been certified GOLD.

So sit back and listen to history in the making as we catch up with Tresor now and follow things up with his original podcast from back in May.

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Listen to Texx Talks featuring Tresor below.