Tommy Flo and hip hop heavy hitters Maglera Doe Boy & J Molley join forces in a street anthem heist, “Shadow League”

Limpopo-hailing rapper Tommy Flo and his fellow sonic assassins, Maglera Doe Boy and J Molley joined forces during lockdown. The mission: grafting street anthem and accompanying music video, “Shadow League”. 

It’s pretty much a three-way collision of style and sounds, covering the sound of summer between the trio, while showcasing almost every corner of South African hip hop. Or at least that’s the way Tommy Flo sees it. 

Shot by NeverBroke Visuals and directed by Grimmshots, this release is all about the dynamic camera work in this video. Low-angle shots speak to power dynamics and elicit feelings of superiority while continuous panning and zooming emphasises the anticipation the audience should expect from the masters of the niche side of the SA hip hop wave who are no doubt plotting for domination from the east to the west.