Watch Miley Cyrus, queen of the rock ‘n’ roll covers, take on Pearl Jam’s “Just Breathe” for MTV Backyard Sessions

It’s been a busy week for Miley Cyrus, performing two rip-roaring covers during a fundraising effort, announcing her upcoming album of Metallica covers, and now, reviving her Backyard Sessions series for a new MTV Unplugged performance.

Alongside her masked band, aptly called The Social Distancers, Miley performed a barrage of covers including Pearl Jam’s “Just Breathe,” the Cardigans’ “Communication,” Britney Spears’ “Gimme More,” Nico’s “These Days,” and the Velvet Underground’s “Sweet Jane.”

While we’re frothing for her cover of Britney, only pieces of this set have been made available for our viewing pleasure. Today, we start with her take on this grungy classic that surprisingly doesn’t stray too far from the original.